New 2013 line out now!!!!!


 Below is an outline of our material  for 2013
We will be offering 4 types of core:
1. WavePlank (PE) – 
2. Beaded (PP) – 
3. P2 (PP) –  Same flex as PE but lighter and more buoyant. Best for colder waters.. 
4. Arcel –  Hands down, the stiffest core on the market. Preferred in warmer temperatures.
5. Longer graphite stringers. We lengthened them this year.
6. Tight celled decks
7. The strongest and best quality Surlyn slick bottoms on the market.

New Boards for 2013:
We have a new numbering system which has eliminated some of the old names and templates. We have replaced them
with new contemporary templates.  The P2 core stays in the line with it's flex factors that riders love in colder waters.
The new X Grom or XG is a great smaller and thinner board for our new generation of riders.

The new XDK is a pure drop knee template and the X6 is 3 stringer board with a new high performance template.
Arcel is back!!!!    Brian Wise wants it in his model, so we made it so.  The largest board in our line, the XL (Old Big Mac) now is in Arcel.

The Crossover is a black ball board and is made out of PE with 3 stringers. It features board length channels and the new Crossover II has rounder rails and nose.
As mentioned above, we have been around a long time and this is what we do. Always the best materials, templates, designs, and craftmanship.

Ride with us.......
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