What to Expect When Ordering Online

Thank you for ordering direct with Custom X on our online store.

Remember every board purchase except the Matrix gets a free high quality leash.

Here is what to expect when ordering:

Frequently asked questions:

 Q:  We can only designate deck colors on your store. Can we designate bottom colors too?

A:  Yes. Our bottom colors are always changing, here is a current list of colors.  You can tell us what color you want in the notes section at check-out. Or email debbie@customx.com at the same time you send your order in, She receives all orders and will be able to match up your colors with the order.

As of June 2017, here are our current bottom colors. Exception:   All Matrix are white bottoms.

Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Pilsner Orange, Orange(a tad darker than Pilsner)Green Mint, Torquoise, Black. Silver, and white.


Pilsner Orange  Green Mint   Sold Out      Black          Silver      White


Q: What about rail colors? Can we tell you what we want?

    A. Yes. The rail colors are the same as our deck colors of red, blue, black, yellow, and white..  Order in the notes section like this:  Bottom color:        Inner rail:      Outer rail:


    A:. On my return notification, it doesn't display my special colors or any notes I submitted:

    Q:  The notification to you doesn't have the special colors or notes  but rest assured we got them on  the original order.


      Q: Can we order by phone if we have any problems?
        A. Yes. We will be glad to take your order over the phone and help with any questions or problems you may have with your order. 760-722-1585 or email JoJo at jojo@customx.com

           Q:  Do you ship internationally?

          A:  Yes.  Please contact JoJo at jojo@customx.com and she will give you real time shipping costs.


          Q:  Can we designate leash colors for the free leash?

          A:  Yes.  Use the NOTES section and will give you the color you want.


          Q:  If I miss the deal by only a few cents can I still get it?

            A.   Yes. The store has it set up automatic but, contact us direct and we will help you out if it is that close.


              Q:  How long does it take to get a board?

              A: Each board is made to order because you designate a color. We place internet orders into production 

               immediately.  We can usually ship a board within 2 days.  However, there are times where we are short a color or material. We will contact you immediately if that were to happen and give you some options.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen often and when it does it is only a few days delay.


              Q:   What are shipping times:

              A:   From our facility in California. West Coast 1-2 days, East Coast 4-5 days. Hawaii 3-4 days. Puerto Rico 4-5 days   Guam 6-7 days  International will vary, please contact us direct.

               Q: Can we track our shipment?

              A:  Yes. We will email you a tracking number once it is shipped


              Q:  Is your store secure?

              A:  Yes, we use the best security that Shopify offers.


              Q: Does the leash come automatically with the board order.

              A: Yes,  If you don't designate a color, we will match as best we can.


              Q: Do you have free shipping?

              A: Yes, check out the link on the home page.  For international orders, order direct to get real time shipping costs and use our shipping voucher for $20.00.